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Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth
Minimum Guaranteed bandwidth on a premium shared connection is approx 30% of the subscribed bandwidth, what this means is that at any given moment the bandwidth throughput available to the consumer will be at least 30% of the subscribed bandwidth .
Bandwidth Measurement:
Bandwidth is defined as the thickness of the ability to transact data over a given internet connection, There are a multitude of methods for measuring bandwidth each has its own pros and cons. In order to standardize the system we have short listed a FREE bandwidth test site. If you feel that your bandwidth is not upto standards defined, please vis and send us a screen shot of the bandwidth from server only.
Bandwidth upgrade methodology:
Bandwidth can be upgraded ,downgraded only at the end of any current billing cycle,Sun Technologies standard billing cycles are 1st of the month. Sun Technologies need minimum 48 hours notice before bandwidth can be upgraded /downgraded in case of a middle of the month upgrade/downgrade the customer will be billed from the preceding 1st of the month for either the new upgraded/downgraded bandwidth or the previous upgraded/downgraded bandwidth whichever is higher.
Software Guarantee
PPPoE is a standard protocol for the internet and Sun Technologies customers can use any PPPoE compatible software to connect to the Sun Technologies network. The dialer provided by Sun Technologies is complimentary and Sun Technologies does not hold any guarantees that the software is compatible with system or systems belonging to the client.
Hardware Compatibility Guarantee
There are a myriad of different kinds of access hardware available in the market Sun Technologies does not guarantee that its connection will work with ALL KINDS OF HARDWARE, however it is and always has been our effort to ensure the interoperability to most popular hardware devices such as PCs, routers which support PPPoE, PS2 Playstationm etc. Clients should always check compatibility before buying routers and other access devices.
Installation Limits:
An installation is considered complete once the line is installed and a test made with our test account using any standard Access Device.Sun Technologies holds no guarantees that the machine on which the client wishes to install the dialer is or will be capable of connecting to the system since Sun Technologies has no control or purview over the hardware owned by the client.
Data Transfer Issues:
Sun Technologies uses MRTG for monitoring data transfer which is a standardized protocol of the internet. All readings taken by the server using this system are considered final and Sun Technologies will not entertain any issues including issues of extra data transfer due to virus infections etc. Sun Technologies will not entertain any issues including issues of extra data transfer due to virus infections etc.and would rely on stats displayed on its server interface to which customer has on line access.
Hours of Service
Sun Technologies will attend to all complaints from 10.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M on all weekdays on first come first served basis. In case of an emergency the Client may be attended to after office hours or out of turn but this shall be at the sole discretion of Sun Technologies The Client shall not consider it a deficiency of service if the complaint is attended to in the systematic manner defined above.
Fault tracing Methodology
When the client calls Sun Technologies ti report a disruption of service a trouble ticket will be opened. This trouble ticket will have an unique identifying number.Post trouble ticketing a help desk engineer will try to solve the issue telephonically. If the issue requires a personal engineer visit and the fault is traced to customer end such as trying to connect to the Internet after removal of our CAT5 from the CPU, and other such customer side based issues,engineer visit charges @Rs.200/- per visit will apply.
Replacement of CAT5/Basic wiring:
It is found that the CAT5 or other basic wiring to the customer premises are required to be changed due to issues such as Clients pet chewing up the wires slamming of furniture in to wires etc. The rewiring charges shall apply for the connection.These charges are calculated at from the closest switch/DSLAM/other network equipment to the clients PC and shall be billed at Rs.30/- per meter of wire used.
Re installation of dialer
Sun Technologies holds responsibility of activating the connection once and keeping the connection live and surf able if for reasons such as formatting of machine, the dialer used by the client to connect to Sun Technologies needs to be reinstalled . The Client shall follow the directions shown here to reinstall the dialer if the client wishes for an engineer to visit the premises to reinstall the dialer, engineer visit charges @Rs.200/-per visit shall apply.
Customer calls due to negligence
It has been found that in certain cases customers have disconnected the CAT5 themselves or have computer based issues which lie outside the purview of Sun Technologies due to which they are not able to login Sun Technologies shall do its utmost to solve such issues telephonically , however if despite such efforts if the customers insists on a personal visit and it is found to be a customer based issue ,Sun Technologies reserves the right to levy an engineer visit charge of Rs.200/- per visit.Some of the list of issues which fall under Sun Technologies’s purview and some under customers purview are detailed in the table 1.1 below.
Disconnection due to Non-Payment
Sun Technologies reserves the right to discontinue service due to non-payment if service is discontinued due to this season, there will be a re connection charge.
Delayed Payments:
Sun Technologies ensures that the last payment date is clearly displayed on the monthly invoice . In case of non receipt of payment surcharge @18% per annum compounded monthly upon outstanding amount or part thereof.
The very nature of the internet is that viruses spread through the networks formed be they dial ups or broadband Sun Technologies does not interfere with any data transmitted or received by the clients since it would interfere with any data transmitted or received by the clients since it would interfere with the privacy of the individual unless a complaint is received from the ISPs or the Government or Quasi Government agency.Due to this very limitation Sun Technologies does not guarantee that the client will not induct themselves.
Pornography/Hacking tools
The client indemnifies Sun Technologies against any and all actions commanded by them including pornography, hacking tools,gambling and all activities forbidden by the Government of India Sun Technologies reserves the right to terminate the connection to the client forthwith without any prior notice if attention to such activities are drawn to the attention by other ISP’s Government or Quasi Government Agencies.
Multi-month packages
Multi-month Packages are sold with specific understanding that bandwidth is purchased in advance against such packages and therefore there are discountable prices applicable to them. There can be no refunds DUE TO ANT REASON WHATSOEVER for any multi-month packages purchased.
Temporary suspension Methodology
In order to temporary suspend the line the following points need to be observed . 1) Services can only be suspended for full months and not parts so if you wish for a suspension for example for February. the services would be disabled on 1st Feb and enabled on 1st Mar. 2) There is minimum charge of Rs.500/- per month of suspension for account maintenance and per blocking charges. 3) All outstanding must be cleared before suspension of services and enough balance must be left in the account so that the suspension charges are covered for period in question. In case of inadequate funds, the account will automatically go into permanent deletion section in 30 days of nonpayment. 4) In case suspension is not undertaken and customers wants a reactivation, all old charges including charges incurred due to non intimation will apply before reactivation of the line.
Third Party Software
It is found that the customers are using some third party software like firewalls, anti-virus etc without the proper knowledge of how to configure the same.Sun Technologies holds no responsibility nor does it assure the customer that it has knowledge of all softwares and how to configure them. It is the Clients responsibility to contact the manufacturer confirm its interoperability with standard PPPOE protocols.All help provided to the client in configuring the same is out of customers service and no liability is to be assumed for such such help provided.
The main difference between a leased line and a broadband connection is that leased lines carry both QOS and an uptime guarantee.Unfortunately due to the price structure of the broadband network being a shared one the up times are on a best effort basis.There can be no refunds or credits for downtimes in a broadband scenario except if the line has been down for more than three days at a time for the fault of the service provider as per TRAI guidelines. If the line is found to be at fault due to Sun Technologies based issues for more than three days, then a credit of two days for each working day shall be credited to the account of the customer upon receipt of request for the same.
Installation charges ( if applicable)
Installation charges are normally charged in hard to reach location due to hardship reasons. These charges are for labour and consumables only and do no imply any transfer of property in favour of the client. All physical equipment such as switches connection , cables, power units rooftop equipment are and shall remain the property of Sun Technologies.
Refunds due to dissatisfaction
As much as we try to do our best we at Sun Technologies realize that we cannot please everyone and thus some cutomers project an idealistic image of other suppliers which may or may not ever exist and try to compare our services against those lines in the sand. We therefore request all customers to not that satisfaction and dissatisfaction is a relative issue and no refunds can be given for the same.
Threats to staff/equipment
Sun Technologies operates in suburban areas where the law and order situation may be not be an ideal one and Sun Technologies takes the security of its staff and equipment very seriously. Any threats by any person or persons to either the equipment or a bonafide employee of Sun Technologies shall be seen as extortion attempt and will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.
Payment Systems
Sun Technologies invoices can be paid by going online and paying via credit card or by depositing a cheque in favour of “Sun Technologies” in any of the drop boxes Sun Technologies does not accept cash at customers premises and Sun Technologies is not responsible for any cash handed over to any employee of Sun Technologies outside the office premises.


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